Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey everyone!! I've decided to hold a CT Call! My fabulous team has been with me 9 long months, through ups and downs, ins and outs.. {Okay, that was just fun to say}.. But seriously, they've been through it all with me, and I've absolutely LOVED working with them. However, I'm planning few changes in the near future, and with so many of them having less time to devote to CT work for one reason or another - most of them are awesomely talented designers as well! - I thought I'd start again with a clean slate. No spots have been promised to anyone yet, so it's fair game for any and all who want to apply! Here's how:

1 layout or hybrid project per product - usually 2-4 kits per month
Showcase my products on your blog
Upload layouts/hybrid products to my store galleries {SUN & Scrap Matters} and 2 others of your choice
1 enabling/ISO post per month

To Apply:
Email the following to
Please put CT CALL in the subject line.

Are you a layout or hybrid artist?
A list of all other CTs you are currently on
Links to your blog, most current gallery, and 2 of your favorite layouts that best represent your breadth of style and skill
A short bio and any user names you use in the digi community

New team will be announced 08/28
You will receive a notification either way

I'm super laid back, and like to think I'm generally pretty easy to work with.. So please, don't be shy! Let's see those applications! All levels of experience are encouraged to apply. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.. I'm here to serve... for now... j/k ;)


JaneAgain said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this, lol.

Rose said...

I'm off to apply!!

Trina said...

Wow - I came here to show you something I made w/ part of your "My Life" Kit and happened across this!! I'm excited!

(Oh - check out my blog - my latest post includes your kit!)

Erica said...

YEAH!!! I LOVE your kits and I have been waiting for this call!!