Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sweetest Season of All!

How are your holidays shaping up?  Is your to-do list getting shorter or (like mine) longer?  We've finally gotten around to doing some shopping for the bug, but now it's on to the hand-made gifts for the exchange with the in-laws.. Then we're off to my parents' for a week, followed by time in Arizona with DH's family.  I'm so excited for the time away.. I love this season!  It's the sweetest season of all.. *wink, wink*

I'm thrilled to finally be releasing a kit, and I'm hoping that it captures everything wonderful about this time of year.. and I'm not talking about the gifts and the decorations and the lights.  I'm talking about the magic of newly fallen snow, quality time with loved ones, and the way my little one's eyes light up with a million stars at the very mention of Christmastime.

Here are a few CT pages to get your creative juices flowing..

by Andrea

by Cheryl

by Sara

by Leandi

by MiMontiero

by Jordan

As always, new releases are 20% thru Sunday, and if you use the code Sweetest-blogFB you'll get an extra 10% off - expires Dec. 18.

Happy Holidays and until next time... Happy Scrapping!

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Nancy said...

Amber it is so wonderful to see yo in my Inbox again, I've really missed you. Hope you are well and having a wonderful holiday season. Your new kit is beautiful!