Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams Little One

Here are some pages I've done with Kiki's Sweet Dreams Little One at AhhhScrap. Per my husband's suggestion - he's so helpful... sometimes ;) - I'm working on journaling that actually means something other than just a date or space filler... Something we could all probably try a little harder to do.. After all, the whole point of scrapping is to remember, right? And what's the point of remembering an image if we don't remember the little details that go along with it?


The Nielsen Family said...

Love the wrinkly forehead

Jewelle said...

Adorable! Journaling is soooo hard! I am glad I am doing a detailed blog now. It helps with those journaling moments. I forgot how tall Ethan was too, until I saw him with his lanky legs all curled around himself!

kladle said...

Too cute Amber! I love both pages. You are right, journaling is so easy to leave off, but one of the most important things. I find myself doing the same thing, plopping in a date, like that will spur some memories?!?!

Anyway, great job!