Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oops! We need a winner!

So in all the hustle and bustle of getting everything posted for my releases this weekend, I forgot to pick a winner from Kate's sneak peek contest.. It wasn't much of a surprise the things you said you hated about school - early mornings, the rush to get out the door, fighting to get homework done.. I don't have kids in school yet, but I remember from growing up, there were definitely some things that were more fun than others.. ;)  Although, getting up early on the first day was never a problem for me...{later in the year, though - that was definitely a struggle!} .. I was always SO excited to go back to school, I had a hard time going to sleep the night before, and was always ready super early.. :)  Another thing I loved about back-to-school preparations that I almost forgot about:  fashion shows!  My mom would take my sister and I shopping for b2s  clothes, and we'd always come home and give my dad a fashion show of all our new things.. We thought we were so cool, lol.. 

Anyway, enough about me... we need a winner!  Dream Big Designs you are the lucky lady!  Because of the delay, you get the whole kit and kaboodle!  Congrats!  :D  Email me for your coupon.  And until next time.. Happy scrapping!  :D

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Dream Big Designs said...

Yeah! Thank you! I am emailing you now!