Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spotlighting Sasha

Life is really getting crazy around my house right now with the start of school.  How about you all?  Is life starting to become crazy?  When things get crazy I like to take some time for myself, even if it is 5 minutes or so and browse scrapping galleries.  One gallery I recently discovered belongs to our guest CT member for this month.  And oh my what a gallery it is!  Let me introduce you to...

{aka mrssashag}

I am a SAHM to 3 beautiful drama queens ages 14, 13 and 3.  Married since 2006.  I love digital scrapbooking, photography and cake decorating.

  1. How long have you been scrapping?  Have you ever paper scrapped?  When did you make the switch to digi and why? I did some paper scrapping when my two oldest were little but like everyone with lil ones know its a mess and couldnt do it.  Then I somehow bumped into photoshop and sig forums and I was hooked.  Once I felt confident enough to stop lurking in forums I took the leap and started digi scrapping about 2 yrs ago more or less....and now I CAN NOT  stop =)
  2. What do you feel is your strongest scrapping skill?  Your weakest? Everyone seems to love my shadowing and layering but don't try and get me to journal cause iI just stare at the screen hehehe...  
  3. What advice would you give someone just starting out digi-scrapping?  Look around, ask questions to anyone, and practice practice practice! 
  4. Describe your scrapping "system"... What program do you use?  Where do you start first - photos, papers, elements, journaling?  Do you always have something in mind when you start, or do you let your creativity guide you?  How long does it take you to complete a layout?  I use PSCS3.  When I start scrapping I dont have a set guide, I just go with it.  If I know of a picture I want to use I start there.  Sometimes its the papers or elements in a varies.  It normally takes me about an hour to two. 
  5. On average, how much time do you spend scrapping each week?  It all depends if  my CT's have a kit to work with.  I try and do atleast one a day. 
  6. Describe your perfect scrapping environment - coffee? soda?  music?  snacks?  MUSIC is a must! Something to drink and my daily planner with a red and regular black or blue ink pen. 
  7. What's your favorite thing to do BESIDES scrapping? Spending time with my girls when they get home from school, we swim or just hang out and be silly. 
  8. What is one thing you would love to do, just so you could scrap it? I would love to travel more, so that i can have a wider variety of pictures to scrap with. 
  9. Who inspires you in the scrapping community?  Any person or site in particular that you look to for inspiration? WOW, there is soooo many talented ladies out there who inspire me that I can't choose just one...

  10. If you could have Amber create a kit just for you, what colors, theme, etc would it be and why?  Anything girlish, as I have 3 girls who love to be in front of the camera!

    Ready to see some stunning layouts by Sasha.  Okay, sit back and here we go! 

    First Layout
    Layout Using Stolen Moments Products

    Most Recent Layout 

    Amazing layouts huh?!   To see more of Sasha's work check out her BLOG and her GALLERY!

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