Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick and Easy DIY Photo Ledges

Hey all - Jill here!  I LOVE Pinterest ... and I have pages and pages of ideas ... especially home decor DIY projects.

Today I wanted to share with you an easy (and inexpensive) project that I completed in my office area (with thanks to my neighbor for actually building the ledges for me!)

This was the before shot:

The photo ledges were made from primed MDF Board - (medium density fiberboard).  My neighbor (a contractor) told me MDF boards would not warp like regular wood could - and because they were primed (white) - I only had to put one coat of paint on them - EASY PEASY!!

The shelves are each 4.5' long - the back piece is 1"x4" as is the bottom.  The smaller front ledge measures 1"x2".

Not only do I like how they turned out ... I was able to store some of my hybrid crafting materials in the Longaberger baskets on the shelves.

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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