Friday, June 21, 2013

Font-tastic Fun on a Friday!

Happy Friday, all! Doralisa here, and I am so excited about being able to write this for a Friday post, mainly because I'm a word geek. I just love the alliteration of all those "Fs," lol! This is what happens to English majors - we get so excited about words sometimes. :)

Anyway, it's time for another installation of font fun! I hope you enjoyed last month's dive into the font pool. I've uncovered a few more this month that I'd love to share.

A great font to use for titles is ChunkFive. Not only is the name of it fun, the chunky letters work wonderfully for titles or short words that you can enlarge on journal cards!

This next font is similar to ChunkFive, but the letters have a "humorous" look, if letters can look funny. :) Take a look at Serifa Comica!

Another fun font you can use for titles is Risque! Luckily the font isn't as risque as the name implies!

For handwritten fonts, I picked up a cool new one this week - PW 01 Script. Not such an interesting name for a font, but I love the way it looks!

Or how about this super easy-to-read handwritten font called Can't Change the World? It reminds me of how carefully I tried to write my letters in grade school.

If you want something in-between a script and a printed handwritten font, Jinky just might fill the bill!

Now fonts can be used for more than just journaling or titles. When you use a decorative font, you can use them to make some very unique elements for your pages. For instance, check out Symbol Signs. You can use these to create a piece of flair, enlarge them for a journal card, or even use the male or female signs as a big element.

I thought Runeicity Decorative would be great for use in creating your own background paper. Just type up a bunch of the characters, space them out, enlarge them a little, and you have a creative background!

Or, for those of you who are headed to one of the Disney theme parks, you can even make your own Mickey paper or journaling cards using this dingbat font - Mickey M TFB!

Remember, fonts are fun! Use them for journaling or titles - or use a decorative font just to make your page your own!

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