Monday, December 8, 2008

Beach Bum

Nicole is back! {FINALLY} My nights have been soo long and lonely without someone to chat with.. (No offense to those of you I did chat with, but it was kind of like part of me was missing, you know?...) But anyway.. She's back with a bang by the name of Beach Bum. This kit is a nice change of pace from all the winter and Christmas kits out there. {Anyone else finding themselves sick of the season yet? Not that you need to call me Scrooge, or anything, but seriously - Christmas kits have been going around since September, decorations showed up in the stores in early October, and songs have been playing on the radio since early November... Really! Can't we just enjoy the here and now and stop wishing for what's to come?!!?} Okay - sorry about that... whew!

Anyway, the kit is great fun. There are SO many fantastic elements and papers to play with. If I hadn't been WAY behind on everything, I would have done 2 pages just so I could use more things.. And I probably still will.. But as it was, Nicole was waiting for me to post, so I just had to whip it up and send it on it's merry little way..

We haven't done a whole lot of vacationing since I've cared about taking pictures and scrapping, so I didn't follow the beach theme, but the colors were a perfect match to some pictures I took over the weekend of my little one playing in the boxes of clothes I was trying to organize.

Click the preview below to be taken to Nicole's blog and grab the papers - which she released yesterday - and the rest of the kit throughout the week. And be sure to leave her some love... she really kicked it into high gear with this one!

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Nicole said...

I'm back, so you are now complete. lol. You are tooooo sweet. Great post, thanks! :D And your LO is great!