Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Secret

So - my CT and I decided it would be fun to do a sort of secret Santa for each other.. .. But with the holidays, we were all SO busy, we moved it back to the New Year.. .. I started with myself, and literally drew names out of a bowl to see who would give to whom... No one knows but me what these ladies have been up to... Until now... {Please forgive my indulgence as I use this blog to reveal the gifts.. }

Credits: Sweet Sophisticate by Jessica Edwards.

Credits: Labor of Love by Greedz Graphics, Paula Phillips Designs, Valerie Ostram Designs

Credits: Alphabet Soup by Stolen Moments.

That only leaves Sarah, who had me.. So run over to her blog to check out my surprise... I can't wait! ;)

Oh! And don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a Sneak Peek at this week's kit! {I know - it's been ages, hasn't it!?!?}


Nicole said...

LOL - those are great. That was seriously fun! Thanks!

The Nielsen Family said...

It was fun! I'm glad we did it.

Jewelle said...

Amber! Thanks SO much! I know I said it before but I am really glad we did this, it was fun.

Jen Graham said...

Thank you Kathy! That is so cute! I love those pictures and the kit you used. :)

kladle said...

I've been anxious all day to see what everyone did! Soooooo cute! Thanks Jewelle for the great LO! I love it! We'll have to try this again sometime!

Simply Sarah said...

Those all turned out so cute! Amber - great job!

Nicole - I love the kit you got! Perfect for you.

Jewelle - you so lucked out getting those adorable pages from Amber.... and my fav colors.

Thanks Nicole - Hmmm... what can I buy? so much to choose from.

Kathy - you got an awesome LO from Jewelle. Love the title.

Lori - whatcha gonna get??? SO has soo many things to choose from.

Jen - what a cutie you have. Kathy did a great job and I love those colors.

Ok Amber - your present is on my bloggy... I really hope you like it....