Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pirate Princess

Nicole has just started releasing a new kit, called Pirate Princess... And it's just what it sounds like - and SO much more! But don't be intimidated.. if you don't have any pirates or princesses to scrap, you'll still want to add it to your collection.. Look what I did with it {butterfly by Sweet Blossom Designs}:

So run on over to Nicole's blog to start collecting... Papers today, elements tomorrow... you get the idea.. Oh yeah! Be sure to check out her forum and new gallery, too!


Penny S said...
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Penny S said...

Snicker! If I scrapped my cat right now it would be the last blow to my daughters' egos. They already think I love my cat more than them. They are 23 and soon to be 21 so the kitty is all that is left at home. I've already been chastized for having more pictures of Oreo on my facebook page than them. :)

P.S. Love your page!!!

Brittney said...

Cute LO Amber! I love what you did to the picture!