Sunday, February 1, 2009


First off, I need to give you all a HUGE standing ovation! I found out today that my wee little blog generated more traffic to Digital Candy yesterday/today than any other digi-scrap site - including DST! I was second only to those who linked directly via bookmarks, typing it in, or doing a search! So go team you! :D And also, thank you to those of you who have purchased Alphabet Remix {and others}.. I was SO nervous about not offering it as a freebie, but I'm glad you still like it enough to pay for it! ;)

Oh! And that reminds, me.. Some of you mentioned in your comments about me not offering kits for free anymore.. Rose, you were right: I will still be offering full kits as freebies at least once a month, probably. For sure, mine and Nicole's collabs will be freebies for a limited time, and possibly others.. So don't be too sad... ;)

Now - in all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to post my own LO! :D I also did a before and after of this, in honor of the before and after kit... Please don't laugh, now... ;)


Granted, this one used a template, but let's not lie... That other one sucked! ;) Anyway... Speaking of templates, the one I used is part of a challenge going on now at Digital Candy for SWEET WEEK to celebrate the re-launch of the store. You can get it HERE - and don't forget to participate in the challenge, too!

And speaking of challenges, there are a WHOLE lot of them going on right now - in addition to the "regularly scheduled events". Check out the list below, and click on the flyer to be directed to Sweet Week Challenge Headquarters.

Now... You may remember that I mentioned yesterday that there was an opportunity for you to grab a stunning {if I do say so myself} freebie from me.. So here's the scoop: I'm starting a Color Challenge at DC. Click HERE for more info, and as a teaser, here's the participation prize. Pretty sweet, eh? So come check it out and say hello! :D

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Tricia said...

Hi, I'm Tricia of Vintage Paris Princess Designs and I have an award for you for all the great things you do. You can pick it up at my blog