Friday, February 5, 2010

Get Beat Up!

 Hello again!  Just a quick message for you this week.. I'm still plugging away on DS's book - I'm even going to a crop tomorrow, so I'm excited about that.. :)  Anyway, not much designing has been happening.. But I do have one pseudo-new product for you, though..

A rough and tough alpha perfect for scrapping any boy layouts you might have lying around, but it's also neutral enough to fit in with your more feminine pages as well.. Believe it or not, I originally designed this to coordinate with my kit, Tenderly!   So if you loved that kit and are looking for a more grounded option of an alpha to go with it, this is the one for you! 
Those of you who subscribe to the Scrap Matters monthly newsletter already had a chance to get this alpha for free, as it was the participation prize for anyone who participated in the January Newsletter Challenge.  But ... I've also heard you may have the opportunity to download another exclusive freebie from me in the February newsletter as well!  And first dibs on one of my new releases...  If you're not already subscribed, I suggest you head on over to the SM blog to add your name to the list.. The link is in the upper left corner of the blog.  You'd better do it quick, though - that newsletter could be coming out any day now..   ;)

That's it for me this week, but I'll leave you with a few pages from my awesome CT - and a lot of new guests - to show off how versatile this alpha is.. As always, it's 20% off this Friday and Saturday only!

Happy Scrapping!

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