Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Scrapping...

I'm still plugging away on this book - I'll post more pages later in the week - but I just wanted to jump on really quickly to answer a question I had about shipping rates from Winkflash.. Their website says it's $6.99 for the first item and $3.99 for each additional item.. That's just to U.S, I believe, but still a great deal, I think.. Okay - back to work.. :D

Oh yeah - and don't forget to use the code on the main page to get the flat rate discount on your order.. :)

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Terebene said...

The Winkflash price is good but, I wanted to tell you, I was unhappy with them and others are too. There is a thread about it on JessicaSprague.com if you want to see details.