Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Call Me Keyr & 2 Winners!

Here we are - another week has come and gone, and hopefully you have more to show for it than I do.. We attempted to potty train DS using the 3-day method - sad to say, all we got out of it was a lot of tears and frustration, more messes than I care to think about, and a sink that's overflowing with dishes!  Anyway, instead of dwelling on all that, let me show you the AWESOME new template set I'm releasing today..

{20% off Fri-Sat}
I love it when scrappers aren't afraid to try new things, and that's definitely something my CT member Keyr has going for her!  Her style is ever-changing, and it's always so exciting for me to see what she will create next!  This set of templates is based on some of her more recent layouts that are clean and simple - a GREAT way to show off your gorgeous photos!  They were a total hit with the rest of the team - and of course the SM CT got in on the action, too... Check it out..


And now for the winners... As part of my sneak peek, I announced yesterday that I would choose one random newsletter subscriber to win this new set of templates.. I also said I'd give away one $10 GC to my store for every 20 new subscribers I got... So, whether you knew about the contest or not, just by being a subscriber, you were entered to win!  How fun is that?!?  And here are the lucky winners:
Template set:  absees123s
GC: s.stein2
Keep an eye on your inboxes, you'll be receiving your prizes shortly..

That's it for me this week, but I'll be here next week with a beautiful new collab collection with an old friend of mine.. You won't want to miss it!
Happy Scrapping, and I'll see you next week!


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Lorena Digital Designs said...

Hi, Amber! Three days? Hmmmm. For what it's worth, when I happened to mention to an acquaintance that we had to potty train our son, she instructed me to go out and buy bags of tiny little candies (like red hot dots); then give him one every time he asked to go to the bathroom and made a REAL attempt to get there in time. And then be ready to be running to the bathroom all the time because they want those treats! It worked like a charm. Remember: boys are harder to train than girls. I believe that applies their entire life!!! Good luck.