Friday, March 30, 2012

Gettin' Classified...

My apologies for not posting last week - I know you REALLY missed me.. .. We've been a bit busy around these parts with this beautiful little guy:

He is absolutely wonderful, but it's definitely been an adjustment to become a mom of two!  But anyway.. you're not here to listen to me gush on and on about that..  ;)


This week I'm releasing two fantastic stash-builders: Stripes: Classified and Solids: Classified.

Lately I've been really inspired by all the stripes showing up in fashion design - it seems like everywhere I turn someone (or two or three) is wearing a striped shirt, skirt, dress, or accessory.  Between DS #1 and I, we've got at least 10 striped shirts in our closets - a little obsessed, much, are we?  ;)  After creating the striped paper pack, though, I decided a good set of classically neutral solids to go along with it would be just perfect... and here we are!

Check out these awesome pages by my CT..

by Jordan

by Kim

by Sara

by LeeAndra

by Kim

 Don't forget - new releases are 20% off thru Sunday.
Have a great weekend, and Happy Scrapping!  :)

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