Friday, March 16, 2012

NEW Font Doubler: My Guys

Growing up, I always idolized my dad's handwriting.  The letters were SO perfectly formed and consistently shaped.  I'm not sure if they were always like that or if it was because he's of the generation where all drafting (his profession) was done by hand.. Either way, I loved looking at it.

My husband, on the other hand, has typical "boy" handwriting.. kind of hard to read, not super neat.. but still, it makes my heart go pitter pat whenever I see it.  <3

This week's release is a Font Doubler chock-full of sentiment for me, but hopefully useful for you, too.

(20% off thru Sunday).

I so look forward to using these fonts on pages scrapped from my dad's or my husband's point of view - I'm sure you have a few of those you could do, too.. maybe a "He Said, She Said" page, or perhaps a page documenting your father's first experience holding a new grandbaby...?

I'll be honest, though, even if I never scrap a page from DH's point of view, just having a lasting legacy of his handwriting in this digital age of emails, electronic calendars and texting is more valuable to me personally than any single scrapbook page.  If you feel the same way about your own handwriting, or that of a loved one, don't forget I also offer custom font services in both exclusive (you retain sole ownership) and non-exclusive (I retain full ownership) options.  And just for kicks, here's a coupon to snag 15% off your custom font order (and I RARELY give coupons for custom services.)

Code: newFONT4u
Expires: March 20, 2012

That's all for this week, but I'd also encourage you to become a fan of Stolen Moments on Facebook if you're not already.. I have a brand new freebie just waiting to be distributed later this weekend.. ;)

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