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Terms of Use
These files were created by Amber LaBau under the name Stolen Moments.
Copyright 2010


This TOU was last updated on 09-15-10, and the terms of this document should be followed whether you received this product for free or purchased it from one of my stores.

These graphic files are the product of Amber LaBau under the name Stolen Moments and are protected by international copyright laws.


·         Use Stolen Moments products in your personal scrapbooking layouts (printed and/or digital), your digital scrap design products and small (home-based) business “Scrap-for Hire” projects, provided the following terms are met.

·         Use  these items to create kits for sale, and/or freebies to make available to the public, as long as they are in a flattened png or jpeg format. This includes collaborations with other designers & S4H/S4O kits.  Please note – items must be altered – not just re-colored if you are intending them to be used for freebies.

·         Modify/alter these files to suit your needs (color, size, etc.).   Under no circumstances should you claim these files as your own.  Credit is not required in your TOU, but it is appreciated!  J

·         Use these digital images in part or in whole in layouts that will be submitted to scrapbooking and related magazines for publication, giving proper credit to Stolen Moments, including any graphic you have altered in any way.

·         Create ONE back-up copy of these files NOT to be redistributed to anyone – including, but not limited to: your mom, your bff, your sister, your next door neighbor, your Relief Society president.


·         Use my CU products for more than 30% of your kit.

·         Offer these files in any stand-alone collection {ribbon pack, button pack, etc.}  for free or for sale – they must be included as pieces of a kit.  Exception:  Overlays may be used for stand-alone paper packs, so long as the final product is a flattened jpeg or png file.

·         Use these items to create other commercial use products.  You may, however, create S4H/S4O products with these files – see above.

·          Redistribute any of these files – in part or whole - in their original format. They must be altered in some way {re-coloring is fine so long as the final product is not a freebie}.

·         "Transfer" this item to someone else if you do not plan on using it again. You may not "trade" or give away this item to anyone else for their use. Once you purchase it, it is for YOU only.

·         If it’s not in my DO’s, please DON’T do it.  Including, but not limited to: hot linking, redistribution, making logos, website design, use for pornographic, harmful, racial, obscene or defamatory works – as deemed by Amber LaBau, or claim these images as your own.

For any further questions or clarifications, please e-mail Amber at: