Friday, July 30, 2010

Everyday Elegance - 30% off!

Happy Friday once again good scrappers!  Have you survived yet another week?  Can you believe July is already over?  I definitely can't!  It's been a whirlwind around here with final preparations for the big move - seriously, that's all I talk about these days! - but I'm still super excited to take a wee break and share this week's featured kit with you.. I created it almost a year and a half ago, and was SO pleased with how it came out..

I wanted something appropriate for those "everyday" pages - totally neutral that really let the photos speak for themselves.. Can anyone say P365?  ;)  It's also perfect for pages of your favorite man, your favorite babe, and as you can see from my CT's pages - your favorite fur baby..
This kit also makes a really great base for a blog design - as you can see at Scrappin' With Juli - either create it on your own, or I'd be happy to take a stab at it for you as well.. :D

And now the fine print.. Everyday Elegance will be on sale for one week only at 30% off.. Grab it at a discount now, or if you already own it, pull it out of deep storage and scrap a new page with it. Upload your page to my product gallery by August 6th, and you will be entered to win a $5 GC from my store..
Now, as a quick refresher, all pages with any of the following kits uploaded to my gallery by August 6th will be entered to win a $5 GC to my store - 1 GC per kit {all Christmas/winter kits will go toward a single GC}.  Each layout is worth 1 entry, so the more you scrap, the greater your chances of winning!  Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes, Cotton Candy Christmas, One More Sleep, Resolutionary, 10 Tiny Toes, Into the Night, and Everyday Elegance

That's it for this week, but be sure to keep an eye out for some wonderful  NEW products in the coming weeks.. Until then, happy scrapping!  :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Helping Hands - 50% off!

Surprise!  I'm here on a very special day to say HAPPY MANIC MONDAY from ScrapMatters!  :D   In case you didn't know, every Monday, a few select products are discounted to 50% off or $2.  It's definitely something you should check out to help satisfy your scrapping addiction without breaking the bank.. ;)
This week, I'm offering the Helping Hands kit - inspired by my sweet little boy who just can't get enough of "helping" out around the house.. It will be 50% off TODAY ONLY!
For those of you who might be struggling to keep your kids in line during the easy breezy days of summer, here's a coordinating printable pack to help make chore charts galore - or even a reward chart for those special .. "training" days.. ;)

And of course a bundle that helps you save by buying in bulk..

And finally a few CT pages to help show off the kit a bit.. But be sure to stay tuned on Friday to check out my next featured kit.. Until then.. Happy scrapping!  :D

PST!  I little birdie told me that if you check out THIS blog post, you might even snag a Helping Hands freebie or two.. or maybe even more!

Friday, July 23, 2010

TWO Beautiful Kits - 30% off!!

Before I get to this week's featured kit, I wanted to show you a quick little add-on to one of my favorite collabs, (carry my heart)
These clusters were the participation prize for the June SM newsletter challenge and are now available to the general public.. Whether or not you already own the kit, save yourself some time making pages with these pre-shadowed clusters.. It could be as simple as choosing a coordinating background paper and framing a photo with a cluster, or go all out and pile on the layers. Either way, you're sure to save at least a little time and effort with these to start you off.  And if you've had your eye on the kit or quick pages, now is the time to pick them up, as the entire (carry my heart) collection is 30% off July 23rd-26th!
Here are a few awesome CT layouts to whet your creative juices.. 

Now - if that wasn't enough gorgeous goodness for you, this week's featured kit is also a fabulous design, full of rich colors, luscious flowers and foliage, and lots of bling..

Into the Night was one of my very favorite color palettes to work with.. I've always loved purple, and when it's used in these rich tones with the teal and chocolate, I think it's just SO elegant!  Perfect for wedding photos, prom pictures, baby pictures - anything you want to add a little elegance, class and sparkle to..  It will be 30% off this entire week - July 23rd-29th - and any page using this kit  uploaded into my product gallery by the end of the month will be entered to win a $5 GC to my store! 
Check out these beauties from my CT for a little creative inspiration...


Now, as a quick refresher, all pages with any of the following kits uploaded to my gallery during the month of July will be entered to win a $5 GC to my store - 1 GC per kit {all Christmas/winter kits will go toward a single GC}.  Each layout is worth 1 entry, so the more you scrap, the greater your chances of winning!  Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes, Cotton Candy Christmas, One More Sleep, Resolutionary, 10 Tiny Toes, Into the Night, and one more to come next week.  Until then, be safe, have fun, and happy scrapping!

Friday, July 16, 2010

10 Tiny Toes - 30% Off!

Happy Friday, once again!  I hope you're all having a great summer - full of fun, sun, and of course photos!  We've been spending the last week with my family, and it has been a total blast!  Now we're off to Arizona to visit DH's side.. But enough of the chatter, let's get to the sale, right?  ;)

A while back, I posted a discussion on my Facebook page, and a few of you responded.. With that in mind, I am very pleased to announce that this week's featured kit is my collab with Jessica Edwards - 10 Tiny Toes.

We had so much fun putting the kit together, that we created a few little "extra" items as well..

So what's the point of all this "featured kit" business?  Well, first of all, ALL of these pieces {bundles excluded} will be 30% off July 16th - 22nd.  Then you have until the end of the month to create a page using the kit and post it in my product gallery at ScrapMatters - one page equals one entry. At the end of the month, I'll choose one lucky scrapper {from this kit} to win a $5 GC to my store!  For those of you who aren't able to purchase the kit or don't already own it, never fear - you can play too!  Check out this post on my blog for links to a bl og train using pieces of the kit.. Freebies galore to be had there!  :D 
On a side note, for those of you eyeing the brag book pages, Kodak is offering FREE 5x7 soft-bound books until July 20th.  With these gorgeous pre-built pages, putting it together couldn't be easier!  Definitely something worth looking into! 

Well, that's it for me this week, but take a peek at these gorgeous inspiration pages from my CT, then head on over to take a closer look at this weeks featured products..
I'll see you next week with another great sale on another great kit.. Until then, be safe, and happy scrapping!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas .. in July .. at the Lake.. ??

Happy day, everyone!  I hope you're having a great Friday morning.. I know I sure am!  We survived the first leg of our road trip and are now spending some awesome quality time with the fam.. So.. I'll keep the chit chat to a minimum.. despite the HUGE amount of info I have for you, lol..

First up - it's Christmas in July at ScrapMatters!  All winter & winter holiday products are 30% off July 9th-15th.  If you're like me, you've got a whole army of those photos waiting to be scrapped, and what better time to do it than when you can get your supplies on sale?  ;)  Here's what I have to offer ...


 Resolutionary & Resolutionary Word Art

Journal in a Jar

{Not technically winter or Christmas, but why not pick back up on that
New Year's resolution you stopped doing mid-March...}  ;)

And now a bit of exciting news before I get on with this week's new release.. Since I will be traveling much of July, I won't have much opportunity for designing, but I still want to be able to have a little fun while I'm gone.. :)  Sooo - each week, I will be featuring one of my older kits.. For that week only, the kit will be on sale for 30% off.  You can grab it at a great discount, then do some super fab scrapping with it.. At the end of the month, I'll scour through my product gallery at ScrapMatters, and each layout submitted during the month of July with one of the featured kits will be entered for a $5 GC to my store.  {That's one winner per week.}  Pretty awesome, right?  So the more scrapping you do, the more chances you have to win!

The kit I will be featuring this week, is of course ALL of my Christmas/winter stuff!  {grin}  So you have an even greater chance of winning by scrapping something with each of them.. :)  I can't wait to see all the fabulous pages you'll make!  :D

And finally, this week's new release.. My CT member Tiff requested this kit from me, and I just knew I had to make it a collab.. So, I've teamed up with Wendy of WM[squared] Designs to bring you . . .

Summer is here, the sun is out, and it is hot, hot, HOT!  What better way to cool down than to take a quick trip to your favorite lake? .. Whether you're a hardcore water sports fanatic or more of a toes in the sand kind of gal, this kit is sure to have everything you need to document those fleeting moments of carefree excitement on the open water.
We also have these great add-ons, or grab all three at a discount in the bundle!

Now before I get to my awesome CT pages, I have the winner of Kate's sneak peek contest.. Isn't she great with those?  :D  Anywho.... Fran Baity it's your lucky day!  You've just won your very own copy of the Lakeside kit!  Email me for your coupon.. :D

And now some fab CT pages for your viewing pleasure..
I'll be back next week for a new featured kit..
Until then.. Happy Scrapping!  :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Sneak Peek time!!

And I'm not late! lol...I just loved reading all of the comments last week about the times you all had been late, some made me giggle just a little. It was great to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes forgets or runs late!

How is your summer going? Are you managing to beat the heat? I know there have been reports on the news that the northern east coast is going through a big heat wave at the moment. I know it's been super hot here in Florida, I'm looking forward to February/March time when it's cool again. Talking of beating the heat, Amber's newest kit, which she collabed with WM [Squared] for this one, is definitely going to help you find a way to cool down - just so you can scrap with it!

Doesn't that look fantastic? I've been trying to come up with something else fun for the contest this week, as I thought the late thing was fun.. but honestly I'm drawing a blank! So.. this week, my question for the entries is.. what kind of things would you like to see as a question for the giveaway? Do you want to get to know Amber and the team better and have a random question that we answer and then you all get to reply too or something else?? let me know! Amber will pick a random winner and post the winner along with the kit reveal on Friday.

Have a great rest of the week!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unpacking ... and Counting ...

Happy Friday - make that SATURDAY - scrappers!  With the server upgrade going on at Scrap Matters this week, we needed to postpone our new release day to sort out a few things on the back end.. BUT I think overall, the switch has been really smooth - the site has hardly been down at all, and it's faster than ever.. And who can't appreciate that?!  :D

This week, my scrapping life is the exact opposite of my real life.. My family is gearing up for a cross-country road trip next week, then 3 days after we get home, we're moving to the other side of the country!  That means I've spent every waking moment packing, cleaning, organizing, and trying to get caught up ahead of time.. is such a thing even possible?  Meanwhile, in digi-land, I'm ready to UN-pack my bundle from last week.. Sit back and relax, 'cause this might take a while.. ;p

Inspired by my dad's favorite chewing gum, these little bitty alphlets are just perfect for mixing and matching.
A great basic alpha that you'll go back to again and again!
Who doesn't need a FABULOUS set of stitched borders?  These hand-stitched borders add depth and realism to your page, and give you a finished look with one simple step.
A fabulously fun way to date your pages, these pre-shadowed safety pins come in 10 colors, with beads for months, days and years 1980-2015, as well as bonus heart, flower and star beads.
Something a little different for me, but a total must have if you want to make the most of your photos.
Tested in PSE6-8 and CS3-4.
Lightly creased kraft papers in a rainbow of colors that is certain to coordinate with almost every kit you own! 
A great set of polka-dotted papers to compliment your girl kits, your boy kits and everything in between kits! 
Who doesn't love a funky striped paper?  They can really be so fun and add so much to a page!
For you paper lovers out there, grab all three and save 25%

And as if that wasn't enough, I've got a BRAND NEW product for you, too!  By popular demand, I bring you...
After I released Monogram It, I had so many people asking if I was going to do a number set... Well, here you go!  Perfect for birthdays, flashcards, P365 or even top ten faves, the possibilities are numberless
And for those of you who missed the letters the first time around, you can snag both sets in a money-saving bundle..

Before I send you off with my CT layouts, I need to announce the winner of Kate's contest!  Can I just say how totally awesome it was to hear all of your stories!  And who knew it was so trendy to be late to weddings?!?!  ;)  I have a story to share, too... The day Kate posted this, I was scheduled to babysit for a friend of mine {at my place} from 8-5 ..  Well speaking of being late, I didn't remember until 11:00!!  "How does this happen?" you may ask.. You see, I live in a completely locked building - no door man, no buzzer, and we're on the 4th floor, so the only way for me to know you're here is if you call.. Stupid me - apparently  I left my phone in the car, and my husband's was on silent.. So much for helping a girl out.. Needless to say, I was very late and VERY embarrassed... Seriously!  {For those of you who are wondering how it all turned out.. She was able to "work from home" that day, and took the babe to the water park... did someone say lemonade?}  Anyway, let's have a winner.... 

Amy shoot me an email for your prize!  You can have your pick of any of today's releases...

Now, check out these great pages from my CT using a little mix of everything... As always, all these new products are 20% off the first two days - Saturday & Sunday this time around... Enjoy your holiday weekend, and I'll see you next week.  Until then... Happy scrapping!  :D