Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year = New SALE @ Scrap Matters!


I hope everyone's holidays have been warm, wonderful, and filled with lots of family and friends! I know I've sure enjoyed spending more time with hubby being home from school, and DS just being cute.. :) I have squeezed in some design time, though, and will have something NEW for you on Friday. Until then, run over to my CT blog for a sneak peek and a chance to win. Then be sure to stop back here for the full reveal on Friday.. there may even be a freebie involved... ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Download Reveal & Collab with DDBN!

Wow! What a fun month this has been! So much festive cheer, so many happy people around town, and an awesome daily download on top of it all, LOL! I had about 400 people download each portion of the kit from my CT blog, so I'm hoping to see lots and lots and LOTS of great new pages filling up the gallery at Scrap Matters.. But first, I guess I should reveal the kit in all it's glory..

Totally fun, right? Well, I hope you all enjoy it, and of course if you missed out on all the daily download magic, you can now purchase the entire kit from my store at full price. {The discount was only valid for the duration of the dd.}. And now I can finally show you all the awesome pages my CT has done with the kit, too! They've had this one for a while, and I know they're chomping at the bit to get out and start posting them!

And here's an awesome last-minute gift idea for you.. One of the hybrid gals at Scrap Matters - Krisi's Kreations - has used the kit to make some super cute coupon packets.. Something for couples, something for kids, and something for adults.. So really, it's something for everyone! :D

You can even get this super cute freebie, just by visiting her blog.. You won't want to miss it!

Now... I'm also releasing another brand NEW totally AWESOME kit this week! An old friend of mine has teamed up with me once again, and we're so excited to release another collab together. Nicole, of Digi-designs by Nicole, and I used to collab once a month {as you may recall}, but we let it slip and haven't done anything together in over SIX months! Well.. the wait is over, and I'm pleased to finally bring you...

This kit is full of vibrant colors, lots of grunge, and a healthy dose of metal, making it perfect for scrapping anyone with a bit of an attitude - teens, toddlers, even those crazy ladies out for a night on the town.. Just check out these CT pages to see what I mean..

The kit is 20% off Friday and Saturday, but if you are running short on time and need something a little "quicker," check out these awesome pages done by Nicole's CT. You can grab them from her store for 20% off through Monday!

Now.. after all that, I think you deserve a freebie.. or maybe even two, lol.. Click the preview below to grab the QP I made out of my LO, and then don't forget to stop by Nicole's blog to snag some super cute BB pages as well.. :D

I won't be releasing anything next week, but I would like to wish everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas, and to everyone else, Happy Holidays!! :D

Happy scrapping!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Scrapping the Weekend Away...

So I've taken just a wee little break from designing this past week or so, and somehow managed to organize my life and time to have scrapped five - count them, FIVE - pages since Friday! Can you believe it?!! I'm not sure I can! And gee whiz, it's sure been fun! :D So, just for kicks, I thought I'd show off my handiwork.. {each image is clickable for credits}

My sweet little niece, who my sister generously lets me scrap whenever I get the urge for some pink in my life, lol..

And of course, my little bug.. not so little, anymore, though.. He'll be two at the end of January, and I'm hoping to get his first year book finished by then.. not sure it's going to happen, but we'll see..

And this last page, I just have to tell you about.... So, as you may recall, there was a little Facebook Fan Drive competition amongst some of the designers over DSD.. The prize? The losers all had to scrap a page with a new kit of the winner's choice.. And boy - I'm SO glad Chelle won!! :D You may have heard about the journaling class she's teaching beginning in January, and if not, let me put in a little plug here... It's a four-week class designed to help you get out of your journaling rut - or to start journaling in the first place.. I've seen a sneak peek at some of her lesson plans, and man - they are KILLER! SO fun, and a total must-have experience for anyone wanting to make their journaling a little more special.. Because that's what scrapping's all about, right? The STORY!! So anyway, as part of the class, you get an awesome mega kit - shown below - as well as additional weekly freebies.. I'm telling you - SO worth it!

So - that's the kit you get, and here's a page I did using it, and my Just Call Me Cowgirl templates.. I really like how it turned out.. :D

So - if you're feeling a little inspired to go "back to school" - or at least take a gander - go check out the product description for more info on this awesome opportunity.. And I'll see you on Friday with a brand new kit with an old friend of mine.. :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Decking the Blogs.. and Templates, Too!

Did you miss me last week? Well, never fear - as this time of year is getting busier and busier for everyone, I'm doing my best to keep up, and this week I have FOUR brand new products to share with you! Take a look...

First up, I'm so excited to finally start releasing some blogwear! I've had lots of people ask about it, and I've been meaning to do it for months, but this is the first time I've been able to squeeze it in... And what perfect timing, right? With all of the decorating going on this season - inside and outside your homes - why should your home on the web be left out? With three different sets with completely different styles, there's something for everyone!

*Be sure to click through to the product descriptions in the store, as you will find links there to sample blogs showing each of these sets in action!

And for those of you who are more into scrapping than blogging, I'm also releasing a FABULOUS new set of templates - inspired by my CT member, Amanda - aka photocowgirl.

Something I love about Amanda's style is that it's so varied. She isn't afraid to try something different, and with this set of templates, you'll have plenty of opportunities to step outside your own creative comfort zone as well.

I'm going to leave you with some inspiration layouts from my CT and the Scrap Matters CT - and as you can see, everyone is loving these templates! But don't forget - my new releases are always 20% off Friday and Saturday.. Also, there are still a few more days of the daily download on my CT Blog before I put the kit into my store at full price next week. See you then!

Happy scrapping!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coupon Blog Hop!

Well.. as if all the fantastic savings at Scrap Matters over the weekend for Black Friday weren't enough, a few of the designers are joining together to give you EVEN MORE savings! Hop on the coupon train and collect a whole series of codes to give you EXTRA DISCOUNTS valid TODAY only!

You should have just come from Heather's blog - Haynay Designs - and next you'll travel on to Wendy - aka WM[squared] Designs. But before you do, snag this coupon and fill your cart - or sleigh..

And don't forget to mark your calendars.. My CT is hosting a daily download on their blog starting December 1st. You won't want to miss it!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

One More Sleep

Happy Black Friday!! To my U.S. friends, I hope your Thanksgiving celebrations were filled with family, friends and food, with lots of opportunities to remember the many things you have to be grateful for.. And if Thanksgiving isn't a holiday you celebrate wherever you are, please take a moment to consider all of the many blessings in your life - you'll be glad you did.. :D

Now.. on to my latest and greatest.. I have collab'd for my kit this week with a dear friend of mine who used to work with me as a member of my Creative Team.. She has moved on to designing now, and asked if I'd do a kit with her.. How could I say no? You may have already guessed, but it's Jen - aka Graham Like the Cracker - and we are SO excited to show you what we've got... So let's get to it! ;)
One More Sleep by Stolen Moments & Graham Like the Cracker
This eclectic mix of classic-meets-contemporary comes with a whopping 21 papers, 50 elements and a full alpha! From Santa, to snowmen, to angels and doves, this kit has everything you need to preserve all those precious holiday moments.. And if that wasn't enough, we also have some coordinating accent labels...
Included are 25 labels to add just the perfect touch to any holiday or winter page.. They also come in stamp form with a transparent background, to allow more creative flexibility.. But guess what?!? You can get the kit, the labels and Jen's glitter styles and SAVE when you buy the bundle...

Now check out these awesome pages from my ever-so-dedicated Creative Team..
They totally rock! :D

When I posted the sneak peek on Wednesday, I had a little contest for one of you to win.. It was so fun to hear all the crazy/funny experiences you all have had while searching out a great bargain, and the lucky winner is.. Angela Eischens. Email me at the address in my left sidebar to receive your coupon.

Now, if you think this kit is for you, there's no better time than the present to snatch it up! Scrap Matters is having a HUGE sale this weekend, with discounts as high as 45% on Friday, down to 25% off on Monday. There is also an AWESOME 41-piece template pack that you'll receive FREE with any purchase of $20 or more - trust me, you don't want to miss out on that!
Any bundles in my store are excluded from the extra discount, but perhaps some of these products will spark an interest - or maybe they've been waiting anxiously in your wish list for you to snatch them up.. Well, now's the time!

That's it for me, but here are just a few reminders - Stolen Moments is now on Facebook, so go become a fan to participate in contests and receive exclusive coupons & freebies! AND if you haven't checked out my CT blog lately, you really should.. The girls host challenges at least once a week for you to win GC's to my store, and they even hand out a freebie now and then as well!

Don't forget to stop by on Monday for the Coupon Blog Hop hosted by several of the Scrap Matters designers to help you get a few extra discounts on top of the already great sale prices.. Until then...
Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sneak Peek & Chance To WIN!!

Hey everyone!! I was a bit late getting my newest kit to my CT **blush* * so they're hard at work making all sorts of beautiful things for you to look at... Sooo... I thought I'd pop on and give you the sneak peek here, rather than make them do it on their blog.. So... you wanna' see?...

Totally fun, right? This is a collab with someone I've never collab'd with before, but I've definitely worked with her before.. ;) I think you'll really love it! And one of you is just lucky enough to win it! To be entered, leave a comment here by 8pm EST on Thursday telling me the craziest thing you've ever done to get something on sale.. I'll randomly pick a winner and announce him/her when I reveal the kit on Friday..

And speaking of sales and Friday.. Don't forget about the AWESOME Black Friday sale going on at Scrap Matters this Fri-Mon..

These are rare discounts you definitely don't want to miss out on! AND you'll get a killer pack of 40+ templates FREE with any purchase of $20.00 or more - trust me - it's an absolute must-have! PLUS in celebration of Cyber Monday, a bunch of the SM designers are having a coupon-blog-hop for you to stock up on all kinds of extra discounts to layer on top of the already reduced prices.. How fun is that?!? *Just a tip, to help speed things up for you and "avoid the rush" get everything loaded into your wish lists now, so it's all ready to just add to your cart and go.*

See you on Friday, and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win! :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

*NEW* Kit & Templates!!

Some of my favorite memories from when DH and I were "courting" were of us fixing up a nice & steaming mug of hot chocolate and going for walks during those soft and peaceful snowfalls you get late at night. Sometimes, we'd even splurge and buy hot chocolate from the cafe in the campus library *gasp*! Of course the best part was stirring it with a candy cane from the first batch we saw hit the stores - that was the true sign that winter was upon us.. These fond memories were the inspiration behind my newest kit, Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes..

With 12 papers, 37 elements and a full alpha, this kit is sure to have something for everyone looking to scrap those pics of little ones playing in the snow or beautiful, glistening white landscapes...

Now - do you ever just look at a layout and think, "Wow - where do I start?" You know those people - the ones who have a knack for putting more on a page than you ever thought humanly possible, and still make it look good? That's how I feel every time I look at one of Lori's {loribear's} layouts.. Sooo... I thought I'd take on the challenge and make a set of templates so those of us {ME} who can't quite pull it off can get a head start.. And let me tell you - I had no idea how truly intricate and detailed her pages were until now.. I definitely have a new-found appreciation for her talent! Check it out...

Both of these new products will be 20% off Friday and Saturday only, and if you didn't get enough eye candy from the previews, check out what my CT and some of the Scrap Matters CT have done with them...

Just a few reminders - Stolen Moments is now on Facebook, so go become a fan to participate in contests and receive exclusive coupons & freebies! AND if you haven't checked out my CT blog lately, you really should.. The girls host challenges at least once a week for you to win GC's to my store, and they even hand out a freebie now and then as well!

That's it for me this week, but stay tuned for next week, when I'll have a beautiful new collab for you with someone I've never partnered with before - you're going to LOVE it!!
Happy scrapping!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Grab Bag Reveal & 3 NEW Products!!

Can you believe another week has come and gone?!? And of course my team and I have been so super busy putting together some great NEW products for you.. But before we get to that, I wanted to "officially" reveal the contents of my DSD Grab Bag...

First.. there was a FULL KIT in there!
With some great help & suggestions from my Creative Team, I put together Tenderly.
I am also making the alpha available separately...
And of course you can't go wrong with templates!
Inspired by some of my very own layouts, this pack is perfect for helping you showcase a single photo.
And finally a couple of stash-builders to help you add just the perfect little details to complete your page..

What a steal for a grab bag, right? Well.. if you missed out on snagging it this past week, all of the items are now in my shop individually so you can pick and choose what you like.. BUT if you did pick it up {thank you}, and are itching for even MORE Stolen Moments goodies, you're in luck! Check out what NEW products I'm releasing this week.. {These will all be 20% off Friday & Saturday only.}

A brand new set of templates - inspired by my ever-so-talented CT member, Yolanda.

I have always loved Yolanda's signature style of eye-catching photo editing and creative composition. While these templates won't help your photo editing skills, they will definitely give you a leg-up as far as the overall design of your pages..
Cut It Out: Family

A unique and creative way to add a little something special to your page, these clipping masks can be used in so many ways! Clip a paper to them to make the perfect mat, or stick a photo on top for a totally custom look. Included are 20 family-oriented phrases, each in 4 different shapes - circle, square, portrait & landscape.

You can never have enough creative ways to date your pages, so this is a staple you will find yourself going back to again and again! Included in this pack are year/month circles for 2000-2015 and number stamps 0-31. They recolor in snap to create the perfect addition to ANY page!

I'm going to leave you with some awesome inspiration layouts from my CT using these products, but be sure to check back next week, as I have even more yummy goodness coming your way!

Happy scrapping!