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Terms of Use - FONTS
These files were created by Amber LaBau under the name Stolen Moments.
Copyright 2011

This TOU document replaces any previous versions, and may be updated at any time.  Please contact me for the latest version.  {Current version updated 03-20-11}.  The terms of this document should be followed whether you received this product for free or purchased it from one of my stores.

These fonts are the product of Amber LaBau under the name Stolen Moments and are protected by international copyright laws.


·         Use these fonts in part or in whole in layouts that will be submitted to galleries, forums or scrapbooking and related magazines for publication, giving proper credit to Stolen Moments.

·         Create ONE back-up copy of these files NOT to be redistributed to anyone – including, but not limited to: your mom, your bff, your sister, your next door neighbor, your Relief Society president.

·         Create blog, Twitter, MySpace or other similar backgrounds for yourself, so long as it is not for a competing business.. Using your own fonts to advertise your font-making business makes the most sense, don’t you think?

·           Create blog, Twitter, MySpace or other similar backgrounds for others, so long as proper credit is given somewhere within the design.

·         Use these fonts as a Commercial Use item in the creation of your small business digital scrapbooking kits (S4H kits are allowed) provided they are altered in some form – a style applied, papers or patterns added, word strips, etc.  Credit is not required, but greatly appreciated. *If you are interested in larger business usage or website design, please contact me to arrange special licensing.*

·         Use these fonts in your S4H/S4O work, provided the font is not given to your client in any form other than the flattened version of the page.


·         If it’s not in my DO’s, please DON’T do it.  Including, but not limited to: hot linking, redistribution, website design, use for pornographic, harmful, racial, obscene or defamatory works – as deemed by Amber LaBau, or claim these images as your own.

For any further questions or clarifications, please e-mail Amber at: