Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Star-Crossed Elements

Note to self: Spinning off of a successful entertainment franchise = successful digi-scrap designing. (A.K.A. Everyone seems to be loving the kit so far, and thank you for your wonderful comments here and on 4Shared!)

I've got to be quick tonight, but first I wanted to share some word art I came across today. It looks I wasn't the only one inspired to release some vampire love yesterday! ;)

You can grab it from Beth's word art blog here. She does some really great stuff!

And here are the elements for Star-Crossed. Hope you like!
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This kit has been retired..


Jen Graham said...


I am saving the kit to use for pictures I take when we go see the movie opening night.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to use this kit!

Caryn said...

Aaaaak!!! I lost my elements download! I can't find it anywhere :(

Off to the store!!! LOL