Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spotlighting Alli

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today on this fine Tuesday I have the pleasure of bringing you a spotlight of the other guest CTM for May.  Let me introduce...

{aka AlliJ2008}
  1. How long have you been scrapping?  Have you ever paper scrapped?  When did you make the switch to digi and why?  I have been scrapping since about 1999 when I discovered Creative Memories (paper scrapping).  I made the switch to digi scrapping somewhere around 2008 but really got into it during Scrap Matters Queen of Scrap contest in May 2009.  It has been all digi since then! 
  2. What do you feel is your strongest scrapping skill?  Your weakest? I think one of my strongest scrapping skills is keeping the focus on the photos.  My weakest area is probably placement of elements.  Sometimes I feel like I have to move them around a million times before I figure out where I like them! 
  3. What advice would you give someone just starting out digi-scrapping? Don't give up!  Read (and watch) the tutorials.  Print your layouts so people around you can enjoy them too! 
  4. Describe your scrapping "system"... What program do you use?  Where do you start first - photos, papers, elements, journaling?  Do you always have something in mind when you start, or do you let your creativity guide you?  How long does it take you to complete a layout? I use both PSE and CS4.  I choose my photo first, then pick a kit/kits to match the colors and/or theme, then go from there.  I add the papers first, then the title, then journal, then add elements last.  Sometimes I have an idea in mind or scraplift but usually just open and go with it!  The time frame depends on my mood and the layout.  Sometimes I can finish in 30 minutes (I loooove when everything just falls right into place) and sometimes a LO can take hours (when I get stuck). 
  5. On average, how much time do you spend scrapping each week? Depends, but usually about 2-4 hrs per week. 
  6. Describe your perfect scrapping environment - coffee? soda?  music?  snacks? I don't get much quiet time so I actually love being able to just sit with my laptop and scrap with no background TV or music! 
  7. What's your favorite thing to do BESIDES scrapping? Read. 
  8. What is one thing you would love to do, just so you could scrap it? Run a full marathon.  I have run a few half marathons and scrapped about them but a full marathon would be wonderful! 
  9. Who inspires you in the scrapping community?  Any person or site in particular that you look to for inspiration? I love looking through the gallery at Scrap Matters.  There are just so many different styles of scrappers and I can always find inspiration. 
  10. If you could have Amber create a kit just for you, what colors, theme, etc would it be and why? Boy kit, bright, fun colors...ummm...not sure on a theme...can I get back to you on that one?  :-)
I love pouring over Alli's gallery over at ScrapMatters.  AS she said above she EXCELS at keeping the focus on the pictures.  She was kind enough to share some of her layouts with us.  Check them out!

First Layout

Favorite Layouts

Most Recent Layout

Aren't those amazing layouts?  Check out Alli's GALLERY to see more inspirational layouts.  I'll see you next week with a fellow CTM spotlight.

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