Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Special Surprise!

I'm so excited to announce that I was approached last week by Maya at Scrapbookgraphics, asking if I'd like to join their team for a while as a guest.  Of course I wasn't planning on doing one guest spot right after the other, but I just couldn't turn her down!  What an honor to be able to rub shoulders with so many incredibly talented ladies!  SO, for the month of October, you will also be able find my goodies - some new and some old in my Studio at Scrapbookgraphics!  Yay!  :D

Here's a peek at the new items I'm offering.. 
A sequel to Paper Punches vol. 1, these handy little templates are a fabulous jump start to a visually catching page.  Contains (4) 12x12 background templates with various pieces punched out.  Just layer on top of one paper and clip another paper to it for an instant window-pane effect.  Also included are the layered files of the "scraps" that you can use on their own or in combination with other templates.  The possibilities are endless!

Also available as a duo pack with Paper Punches vol. 1

The next in my "Hold It" series, these fun little attachments will keep your photos the focus of your pages.. Included are 5 unique metal frames with separate clipping masks for ease of use.  Frames are shown at actual size.

I'm also offering the frames in a money-saving bundle with P's&Q's and 1's&2's.
Each item is also available separately.
Do you have a favorite sweater that's pilling just a little too much for public appearances?  How about that comfy pair of  jeans with one too many holes?  And of course - the book you've read countless times with the faded cover and loose pages... That is exactly what this alpha will be for you - only you don't have to use it over and over again to get that worn look! Comes with multi-colored upper case, numbers and a few symbols - in both filled and outlined styles.  Vowels are provided in all 5 colors for additional flexibility.

And finally, I'm also moving my Beautiful on the Inside collection over to SBG as well.. 

I'll leave you with a few CT pages of the new items, and a note that my entire studio is 20% off - except bundles, which are already discounted 25% or more - now thru Saturday.  Also, congratulations to supin72 who won the random drawing for a $10 GC to my SBG studio.  I will be emailing you the code shortly!  {Wondering how you missed out on this?  Become fan on Facebook to keep up with all my RAKs contests, and more!}


I'll see you again tomorrow with my latest ScrapMatters releases... But if you want a chance to win, jump down a few posts to find out what you need to do!  Until then, happy scrapping!  :)


Francois Photographs said...

Gorgeous products!! Glad to have you for the month at SBG!

Clare said...

congrats on the guest spot!!

knittinjen said...

Wow, Amber, that's amazing! Studio Graphics - that's like the epitome of AWESOME DIGI DESIGNER WORLD!! I'm not SURPRISED but VERY HAPPY for you!! I'm thinkin' I need to go shopping! Even though I haven't "talked" to ya much, as I'm busy at other stores (like hehe selling at STS now) I do have you on my google reader, so i've kept up with you, and you continue to always impress me! You are truly one of the best designers out there, girl. Congrats!