Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Yay! It's my birthday week, and I have so many fun things in store for you! :) First, I wanted to let you know about a sale at my store right now.

In addition to the great savings, everyone who makes a purchase during the week - from now through Saturday - will be entered into a drawing to win a Gift Certificate to my store, as well as a personalized mini kit designed by yours truly. So be sure to stop by! I'm hoping to have some more products in there soon - for those of you who have already purchased everything ;) - but my EHD died yesterday, and with it EVERYTHING digital in my life - including a brand new kit that I hadn't uploaded anywhere yet - bummer! .. I've had to go and re-download all my own kits, and try to hunt down as many of my CU stash as I could- it's been a pain, and hopefully I'll find someone tomorrow who can retrieve the files.. I'd sure hate to lose all my pictures - not to mention DH's school work and work work that he just moved off his laptop and onto the EHD in case something happens to his laptop while he's in South Africa this week! Oy!

BUT - on to happier things! I asked my CT for some input on ideas for things we could do this week. Lori suggested 25 brag book pages, then Sarah chimed in that, "Why don't we do 26 and make an ABC album out of Alphabet Remix?" They took and it flew with it, and the rest is history.... So.. for your first set of birthday goodies, you get an ABC Brag Book Blog Train! I don't have everyone's previews yet, so here's the list - or you can just click on their charming pics to your left.. Be sure you leave them lots of love; they really did this all on their own!


Here's a look at what you'll be getting:

If you like what you see, and think you may have use for the whole kit, be sure to stop by my shoppe - click the preview below
Now - be sure to come back tomorrow for the start of my new kit - you can see a sneak peek a few posts down.

Also - sign up for my newsletter by Tuesday, and you may just receive a little extra somethin' somethin' from me! ;)


Sus said...

That is such a cute brag book, thank you so much. The only thing is that I can´t find the F,G,H,I, J,K pages on any of the blogs :o(

Lizzy said...

Sorry to hear about the EHD :( Hope you can recover it. Thank you to you all for the brag book, it's so cute!!

Jody said...

What a great idea for a blog train! Love that we will be receiving a whole ABC BB.

Thanks so much

Keelianderson said...

Thank you for the great brag book, however, I am not seeing i am simply sarah's part of it. Am I missing it somewhere. I think I've got all the rest though. Thanks again!!

Janice W said...

Happy Birthday Amber. Cute brag book and hope you can recover your EHD.

Inge said...

Happy birthday!


IvoryKeys said...

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope this week is a fantastic one for you.

Sorry about your EHD - hopefully you'll get some uplifting news on that front this week.

Chris said...

Thank you for the brag book pages. I've never made one, but with all these freebies, I have to give it a shot.

Lezlee said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Chris said...

Thank you for the brag book pages. I've never made one, but with all these freebies, I have to give it a shot, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Valerian70 said...


Thank you for spoiling us all when it is you who should be being spoiled!

*amber*cody*chandler* said...

Thanks so much, this is great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!